My two 1st grade groups are currently working on an intervention called Interactive Writing.

What is Interactive Writing?

  • Interactive writing is a collaborative writing experience for beginning writers in which the teacher guides students in the group-writing of a large-print text. Students participate in the composition and construction of the text by sharing the pen, physically and figuratively, with the teacher. The composition is read and reread by the group to make the reading and writing connection.

With these two groups we spent 1 day learning and reading the poem Little Boy Blue.  We went over some trickier vocabulary and they listened to me read the poem with fluency.  This was a poem they had heard before in other settings so many of the students were able to follow along and read the poem with me.  We also used magnetic letters to help us with some word work so we can get better with sounds, letters, and words every day!

The second day we practiced reading the poem several times.  Each student was able to practice directionality by pointing word by word with the pointer and return sweep by coming back to the next line of text when you get to the end of the previous line.  From there we generate a message together as a group.  In this case we had to decide whether we would wake up Little Boy Blue or let  him sleep.  Group 1 (picture on the left) mostly decided they did not want to wake up Blue.  One little boy did want to wake him up.  The message the group decided on was “Elijiah, Kemari, and Omar tried to stop Brandon from waking up Little Boy Blue.”  Group 2 (picture on the right) decided they all wanted to be mean to Little Boy Blue.  They were going to put things on him to wake him upt.  Their group decided on the message “Owen put water on him.  Kennedie put salsa on him.  Deon put ketchup on him.  Alex put a taco on him.  Little Boy Blue cried!”  The students were able to write known words (such as their name, a, him, put, on, stop) on their white boards and a student would also write it on our chart paper.  I would write any unknown words.

This has been a VERY fun experience for both myself and the 1st graders who aren’t quite ready for a full on reading group.