My 1st graders are hard at work again with the Interactive Writing intervention.  They have been having fun reading poems over and over to practice fluency and directionality, but their very favorite part is when they get to write a story as a group about the poem we have read.

Most recently we read Hey Diddle Diddle and they struggled a bit with what is a diddle?

I asked them what they thought either the cat, the dish and the spoon, or the cow did at the end of the story.  I thought it was fabulous how group 1 (picture on the left) incorporated our previous poem Humpty Dumpty.  You can see we are still working on letter formation and when it is appropriate to use a capital.  In group 2 (picture on right) you can see we still have some letter reversals we are working on, but I love how the students are excited to generate a group message, they are so eager to add word to the story, and are really understanding how words are put into a message.