Every other lesson, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students have a large portion of word work incorporated into the lesson.

  • My 1st graders are currently work on basic word endings such as -ad (had, sad, mad), -it (hit, fit, sit), -at (cat, mat, rat).
  • My 2nd graders are currently working on consonant digraphs such as -sh (ship, shake, radish), -tch (match, itch, snatch), -ph (phone, phrase, graph).
  • My 3rd graders are currently working on long vowel combos such as -ee (tree, sneeze, breeze), -ea (heat, cheat, treat), -oa (soap, boat, throat).

Students are given an assortment of letters based on the specific letter combination given.  They need to line up their letters.  I give them the word work for the day and from there we build words.  In the photos for this post are my 2nd graders who were working on ch- words.  You can see the two students above were working on chip (above) and check (to the left).  They needed to build chip with their magnetic letters and then have to write chip/check on the board.  From there they are asked to break the word into its onset and rime.  (Ch-ip and ch-eck)

Word work time quickly becomes one of the favorite portions of the group.  Students love when they think up words that I didn’t.  On this particular lesson the students thought up chart China.  They were able to practice these words after the other words I had given to them.

Letter and word work is important as it helps students to problem solve new and unknown words.  If you know in then you can figure out pin, spin, chin.  This is also a time for students to become quicker.  Our goal is to help make high frequency words like is, in, can, the, they, little, etc., to become automatic and quick.  This helps their reading and writing when they are faster and more fluent.