I have 2 Reading Recovery students who are very wiggly and have a hard time getting through the 30 minute lesson without the constant need to move around.  I had in the past used the yoga balls before with my students but I felt like I was nearly sitting on the ground and the students seem to spend more time bouncing on the balls than actually getting their work done, so I took them home.

During a meeting where we talked about how we could help wiggly students be more successful in the classroom we decided maybe it was time for the yoga ball to come back.

I knew that potentially what I did for one student with the yoga ball I would need to do for them all.  I have a very tiny office and there isn’t a place to hide the yoga ball.  Also, I have some braggers who like to tell the others when I do something special for one of them.  So of course all 4 of my students wanted to use the ball.  The 2 who normally don’t need any type of accommodation were the 2 that had to have the ball removed and exchanged for a chair.  The 2 who have lots of wiggles and difficulties getting through the lesson it was very helpful.

One of my students ended up producing the best writing I’ve ever seen him produce while he was with me.  With a little rocking to the side and back and forth, he was focused and worked quickly.  The other student needed a few minutes to get a couple of good bounces in before he settled in.  “Can I bounce like this?” *tries a big bounce* “Can I bounce like this?” *tries a medium bounce*…and so on.  I get it–we need to test the boundaries first.  But once the boundaries were set I had 2 happy boys who were ready to wiggle and learn.  Hopefully this continues to be a successful way to get wiggles out while still helping them be successful in the classroom.