IMG_5620Oh my goodness!  If I had a penny for every time I have gone over in group when we do and do not capitalize a letter or word in our writing I would probably be a very rich woman.

EVERY time we write in group EVERY student has at least one inappropriate capital or lack of a capital in his/her writing.  I found this great print out which goes over *most* of the capitals.

I absolutely love this hand out because it has so many great visuals for students.  I love the way it highlights where the capital should be.

Now I just remind students to be cautious of capitals and leave this laminated copy out for all students to see as they write.  I will admit this has cut back on the inappropriate capital or lack of capitals in my students’ writing–especially with my 3rd & 2nd graders as they are more aware of their writing versus my 1st graders who are still learning so much about writing, words, letters, and sounds.  It’s a lot to take in as a 1st grader.

Continue to encourage students to use capitals appropriately.  Click here if you would like this free print out as well!