I’ve had a few people mention that I haven’t posted anything as regularly as I usually do.  I’m sorry!!  In the crazy realm of teaching nothing ever really stays the same.  I’ve had household sickness, meetings, and today I subbed for 5th grade.

I have to mention that subbing always gives me new insight to what it’s like to be a classroom teacher: fun, but extremely exhausting.  I think it’s mostly exhausting for me because I go from having 5 kids to 25 kids who need me and I’m trying to learn classroom rules and routines I’m not particularly used to.

Today I was lucky enough to be with 5th graders during their reading block and we had a lot of fun.  I brought my mission cards with me as we were supposed to have a discussion about a Weekly Reader they were to read.  I thought they might find my mission cards a bit cheesy, but thought it would give us some good prompts for discussion.

I was wrong!  The 5th graders got so into the mission cards and they took it seriously.  They wouldn’t share their cards with anyone.  They took the label “top secret” to heart.  I even had some kids who wanted my top secret envelopes to keep their writings in.

The discussions we had from the prompting mission cards was really neat.  I’m not used to working with readers that old and it was fun to actually have conversations about opinions regarding the articles.  I enjoyed today.  It was a bit out of my comfort zone, but doing something new is almost always rewarding and in this case, it totally was!