IMG_5860Woo!  It feels good to be back!  While I needed a break pretty badly, I have missed all my kids so much!  Prior to break I was working on “gr-” words with my 1st graders.  I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and incorporated “gr-” for our word work.  Students helped me to locate words that began with “gr-” in the book and then I also had them build other ones (grow, green, grass, grin, Grinch, growl) and we put them on an anchor chart to refer back to.

From there I had Grinch’s already cut out and assembled (they just had to glue the hat, eyes, and smile on) and they each had to write how they would make a Grinch grin.  This was a lot of fun.

Some of the students wanted to do nice things for their Grinch and some of them wanted to be mean just like the Grinch as well.

Unfortunately we didn’t get very far on this project before break.  I ended up having to sub within the building for another teacher and then we had the 2 snow days.  Almost everything was finished on their writings so I was itching to get their hard work wrapped up and showcased outside of my door.  With the new semester starting I will not be seeing many of these students in group anymore as I will be meeting with other grade levels and students so I stopped by their room this morning to have them finish up their writings.

My 1st graders are super proud of their Grinch’s so please enjoy the photos.