IMG_0130Mr. Brace started teaching my 2nd and 3rd grade groups today.

It was an exciting time to see how the 2nd and 3rd graders are such Lowell STARS as they completely embraced Mr. Brace and continued to work hard.

Mr. Brace is continuing to use the CIM (Comprehensive Intervention Model) Guided Reading Plus (GRP) format that I have been using this year by using word work, fluent writing, phonemic awareness, new books, group discussion, running records, and writing in response to reading.

Today was a neat experience to watch the kids hard at work from a different perspective.  It’s interesting how you pick up new things the kids are able to do when you aren’t teaching.  I’m super proud of Mr. Brace and the kids for embracing new experiences!

Next week Mr. Brace will start teaching my 1st grade and Kindergarten groups.  After that he will continue to pick up additional groups.

Go Lowell!