IMG_0133Yay!  I can now say I am the proud teacher to a Kindergarten group!  After Christmas break the Title 1 staff did some discussions on data and how we could better meet the needs of the students at Lowell and from there decided we would each pick up a group in Kindergarten!

Last week I started Interactive Writing with my 2 students.  (We will adding another student as we tried to make the numbers in the group more even and to make groups of students with similar needs.)

Our focus for the day was lowercase b.  Students were able to practice making ‘b’ in the salt tray.  From there I introduced the poem called Bears.  Students had to highlight the letter b every time they found it in their poem.

IMG_0131We had a lot of fun reading our poem about bears and all the things bears do.

Last week we learned the nursery rhyme Hickory, Dickory Dock and had fun practicing that.  We even had the poem on a CD and were able to practice our directionality and 1:1 word matching.

We even got Mr. Brace to sing with us.  I’d like to think this was their favorite part of the lesson.