IMG_6061Mr. Brace had his 2nd graders read The Fun Club Goes to the Post Office, where a group of children learn about the process of mailing a letter and how the Post Office sorts and delivers the letter to where it needs to go.

I was lucky enough to be able to teach his group on Monday when he was out of town and we got to write a group letter to Mr. Brace (photo on left).  We worked through the parts of a letter and wrote it together.  We then worked on addressing an envelope, which proved to be a little bit difficult as the students weren’t used to having to write so small.

When Mr. Brace came back he had the 2nd graders write their own letters to him.  They then addressed and envelope and learned where they could mail letters at Lowell.  Mr. Brace is going to have them mailed to him at home and then will bring them back to school so they can see how long it takes for a letter to make it through the mail and how a letter looks after it’s been sorted and processed.

We are always looking for ways we can present real world experiences and this was a way that we could do that.  Students will need to learn how to write letters as letter writing, whether on paper or via email, is still something we do on a regular basis.