IMG_6100One of the neat things built into our schedule this semester is the opportunity to go into the classroom for 10 minutes each day and conference with students over their reading response journals.  This is a great way for us to connect with students and see if they are applying the skills we are working on in group back into the classroom.

IMG_6101Initially when we (Mr. Brace and myself) went in to conference the students had little in their journals.  In fact, some had nothing at all.  This was a great opportunity for us to go through their book boxes and see what they were picking for independent reading books and see if they were an appropriate fit.

We were (and still are) able to have conversations with students about the books that they are reading.

IMG_6099We have been setting up response questions that we want them to answer, but we are working towards setting them up so they are able to do it more naturally and start writing responses that are more detailed and lengthy than what we’ve been seeing.

We noticed this is difficult for them so we are doing some modeling in groups how a response journal should look and help them write better responses so they can move towards doing them on their own.