IMG_6132While Mr. Brace is working with my regular groups, I have had the opportunity to work with some other kids within the building and I am really enjoying it!  One of the groups I have gotten to work with is a group of Kindergartner’s from Mrs. Earle’s room.

We worked on a book called All About Penguins and then wrote about it.  My emphasis with Mrs. Earle’s kids have been starting sentences in other ways besides I, I like, etc.  Since we read an informational text I wanted them to write about the different things penguins could do.

Students were then asked to stretch the sounds in the unknown words and write the sounds that they heard.  This provided an opportunity for me to conference with students when they were finished writing and provide a check mark above each correct sound they had written.  The students were really excited to see so many check marks and I was really excited that they did such a great job of stretching the sounds out.  (Please note that I did provide them with the prompt “A penguin can” to which they needed to finish it with something they had read a penguin could do.)  I then wrote at the bottom of their writing the way it would look in a book so they can see the full correct spelling.