IMG_6085We are transitioning our 2nd and 3rd graders from using a “practice page” to using a “planning page” when they are writing.  This incorporates making lists as part of the planning process.

Lists can be used for many different reasons.  In 2nd grade, Mr. Brace had students make lists for sequential order.  2nd graders read a book about the process letters go through when being mailed and then read about the process of building a road.  Mr. Brace had them work on making a list of IMG_6081events that happen to guide them in their writing.

My 3rd graders were reading a book about good friends and we made a list of traits of a good friend so we could make sure to incorporate those things when we wrote about a good friend in our life.

Mr. Brace’s 3rd graders were making lists over their most recent books about astronauts and volcanoes.  This has been a good way for our students to really use the brainstorming process and plan out their writing before they begin so it is more organized and ideas are clearer.  This has been something the classroom teachers have said they have been lacking when with them.