IMG_6235Last time you checked in on my bonus 3rd graders you saw we were working on character traits from the book Good Friends.  When the kids came back to group we added additional character traits/examples from the book to our poster.

From there we made a list of traits we thought made for a good friend.  It was interesting all the things kids found to be important: respectful, honest, caring, not a bully, help out when needed (just to name a few).  The kids really hit the nail on the head when picking out traits that make for a good friend.

I introduced them to stop light paragraphs and how we could organize our thinking by having an opening sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence.  One of the group members was gone on this day so we made a group paragraph characterizing all the traits of Tierra that made her a good friend.

IMG_6234Students then needed to pick their own friend they wanted to write about.  The made a list of the character traits that made this person a good friend.

The students had a lot of fun writing about each other–as they all picked each other as a good friend.  I’m glad to see we have so many caring kids at Lowell!