Sometimes plans change when students bring up things you didn’t think about.  This happened while I was working with my bonus Kindergartners.

Last week I had my Kindergartners read All About Penguins (I posted their writing in a post below) and then they read All About Snakes.  It just happened that while we were talking about the different things we read snakes do they brought up how the penguin does some of the same things.

I thought this was a great opportunity to introduce them to a Venn Diagram and give us a jump start on writing about snakes.  The kids read both books and then we talked about the different things penguins and snakes do.  We decided if that was something they had in common or didn’t have in common.  I had them put their ideas on the chart and then we went over the correct sounds they produced and the way it would look in a book.

I was super impressed that they came up with these ideas.