IMG_0175One of the things that is extremely important to all of the reading intervention teachers is common language.  We assess our students regularly and move students in and out of different groups as needs change.  When we use a common language this provides an easier transition for a student.

One of the things we have been using is a common language when doing letter formation.

One of the group stories my group did was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, which was a story they had already read in the classroom.  I took a portion of the book and wrote it down so we could use it as our group “poem”.

The kids loved how the letters climb up the tree and have a big party in the coconut tree.  Since we’ve been working so hard on correct letter formation during our word work time, I decided to take our fun story and turn it into a way for us to keep track of the letters we know how to accurately write.

Students are even doing a great job of reciting the terminology as they form the letters.  Every time we meet, my 2 kiddos want to add all the letters to the tree.  It’s been a way for us to make letter formation fun!

I’m including a picture of the formation terminology we’ve been using from Linda Dorn’s Interventions That Work.IMG_0174