We are excited to be welcoming in a whole new group of kiddos next year!  We’ll be having Kindergarten Round Up at Lowell on Friday, April 26th.  Bring your child, immunization documents,proof of age, and proof of residency!  Additional information can be found on our district webpage (www.waterloo.k12.ia.us)

Here are some things we would love for you to do with your child from now until the start of school to prepare him/her for Kindergarten!

  • Write name with first letter capital and the rest lowercase. (Bonus if child can do last name as well!)
  • Name shapes
  • Count from 1 to 10
  • Know at least 15 letters (but we’d love if your child knew them all!)
  • Tie shoes
  • Zip zippers
  • Button buttons
  • Name colors
  • Read daily!!!  You can even visit Lowell’s library in the summer

We can’t wait to meet your child and for you to meet our wonderful Kindergarten team and the staff here at Lowell!