IMG_6823My 2nd graders read All About Robots during group time.  Not only did we learn a lot of different things about robots, but we learned about how labels can help a reader learn more information about a picture when reading non-fiction texts.

IMG_0179After we read about robots we made a list of things robots do, look like, and places they go.  Most of what we listed started out as things from the book, but quickly the boys added other things that a robot could have–mostly what they look like.  And in typical boy fashion, they wanted to add all kinds of weapons!  Ha!

This was our catapult to writing.  The boys were to come up with a robot of their own.  They had to make a list of all the things their robot would do, look like, and places it would go.  This was a lot of fun for the boys as now was the time they could amp up a robot of their dreams.  We had to scale back on the weapons to make it more school appropriate, but I was impressed by the imaginative things they came up.

IMG_6828After they had made their list they were given a homework assignment to draw a picture of their dream robot–including the things they had on their list.  If they said their robot could go in space then there should be something on the robot that would make it possible for the robot to go to space, etc.  The boys came back with very creative robots.

From there they had to start putting the list into sentence format and label their robot.  They labeled the most important parts of their robots.  They then had to write about how these parts they labeled helped the robot.  We discussed how we don’t need to label everything on the robot because not everything is super important.  We also discussed that if we labeled it on the robot then it had to be included in the writing otherwise it would confuse a reading.  It was challenging for the boys to pick what was most important as to them, EVERYTHING was important!

I was able to conference with each of the boys on their writing.  This was a great time for us to make sure everything that was labeled was written about and go over spelling and grammar.

After conferences the boys were able to write a final copy to go with their robots.  They were pretty proud of their work and didn’t want me to hang them up in the hallway because they wanted to take them home.