IMG_6825I haven’t gotten the chance to write about my new 1st grade group, which I’ve only met with a few times.  We looked at data and shifted our groups around back in March to better serve our 1st graders.  I now have 3 lovely ladies and with all kinds of things going on in our building I haven’t had the chance to work with them very many days, but the days we have seen each other have been a lot of fun.

We just finished reading a book calling All About Sharks. (Can you tell I love the “All About” series??–The kids go absolutely crazy for them.  Plus the first graders have had an obsession with sharks all year long.)  We did something a little different than we normally do in group.  We did a mixture of Guided Reading Plus and Interactive Writing.  I noticed that I wasn’t getting accelerated growth from this group (partially because I haven’t seen them very often/consistently) but I wanted a way to get more “bang for my buck.”  My CIM (Comprehensive Intervention Model) coach suggested doing a group Interactive Writing message and then having the students write individual messages.

After we read the story, the next session we met we re-read the story and came up with the group message.  They liked the way the last page had bullets that looked like sharks.  They wanted to write those shark facts and then use bullets in their writing as well.

This was a good opportunity for me to see some of their writing vocabulary as they knew words I wasn’t expecting them to know.  I really was able to nearly sit back and watch them cooperatively work together.  I just facilitated the next word in the sentences and someone in the group already knew how to write it.   They really enjoyed creating a group message and then writing their own message, fashioning it after how the author wrote.