IMG_7282Wow!  We had so much fun at our first family event for summer school last Tuesday.  A big thank you to Irving for joining us.  It was nice to have a few extra faces with us as we embark on our summer adventure with Flat Stanley!!

IMG_7181We started off by having lunch in the cafeteria.  I enjoyed getting to sit and chat with the kiddos about what they had already been doing this summer and I was pleased to hear about the books they’ve been reading.  Most of these students I was able to work with during the school year, so it was nice to be able to connect again with them.

After lunch, I introduced Flat Stanley and each summer school teacher read a chapter of Flat Stanley to the kids.

IMG_7182From there each kiddo (and a couple of parents) made their own Flat Stanley.  And I didn’t want to hinder any creativity so we even have 1 Flat Robot who will be joining us on our summer school journey this year! 🙂

IMG_7194Students were introduced to their summer reading logs and we passed out a free book to each of our 2nd graders.  Please note that the 2nd book is on back order so we’ll be ordering additional books to hand out when they arrive.

IMG_7180Some of our families stayed and read Henry and Mudge (our free book) and put it in their reading log.

Flat Stanley stayed back with me as I am sending all of our Stanley’s on an adventure.  They’ll be waiting for you when you get back and they are missing all of you so make sure you get back to our next event!!

Our next family event is…

  • Tuesday, June 25th
  • 11:30 (lunch) 12:00-1 (family event time)
  • Meet us in the Lowell library

Please don’t forget to bring your family and your Summer Literacy Log.  We’ll be conferring with each student about the books they’ve been reading.  You’ll also get to take Flat Stanley home with you as well as another free book.  Can’t wait to see you!!!