IMG_7752Today was an exciting day at Lowell as it was our first day of summer school!!  Thank you to all of you parents who were flexible amidst the chaos of getting details ironed out with busing.  I think busing schedules and getting everyone where they need to be at the right place and time is situated! *Fingers crossed*

Just a few reminders:

*Students need to be at school at 8:15 for breakfast.

*Uniforms are required.

*We will dismiss for the bus at 11 each day.

*Students may bring a backpack, but are not required to bring anything with them during these 3 weeks.

*Summer school dates are every week day from July 29-August 16.

*Instruction will be taking place in the library.


Today we started out by giving each student a benchmark reading assessment so we know where they currently are working at and will be able to provide the most precise instruction for your child.  During that time the kids were able to journal about what they’ve been up to this summer and share it with other students.  They were also able to read from a selection of books we had available.

IMG_7750cupcakse01Once assessments were over we were able to move on to some more fun activities.  My son has been talking about Despicable Me non stop this summer and I keep seeing Minions everywhere–even McDonalds!  I saw a cute Twinkie Minion online and I thought it would be fun for the kids to make their own Twinkie Minion and write about what they would have their minion do.  Would their minion be good or bad?  What would he do?  Where would he go?  Would he work for you?  These were some of the choices the students were able to think through.  This provided Mrs. Earle, Ms. Alfrey, and myself an opportunity to break up into small groups and conference with the students over their writing.  We were able to see what each student had for strengths and needs so we could better prepare and plan for our instruction.  So while the students were having fun, we were making notes on what specific things we could work on with our students.  Of course, everyone enjoyed eating their minion after they had written their story and conferenced with a teacher.

IMG_7753We ended today, like we’ll end every instructional day, with a group sharing.  Students were able to share their minion stories with the whole group.  It was extremely interesting how every minion story was so different from the next.  We minions visiting grandparents across the country, one who went to college to study photography and then went to China to take pictures, and even one who did all the chores in the house so she could be lazy. 

Students then had a snack in the cafeteria before loading up onto the bus and heading home.  Today was a great first day.  We look forward to 14 more days of fun and learning.