IMG_7803IMG_7807We had such a great first week of summer school.  Our writing group had been working on a writing piece called “Dive Into A Summer Adventure” where students had to write about a scuba diving adventure.  We worked to develop a story map of the different parts and elements they wanted to include in their individual stories.  Students were asked to write about what they would do if they went on a scuba diving summer adventure.  We had many creative ideas such as swimming with dolphins through rings of fire and then getting eaten by whales and being blown out of the blow hole, to finding gold in a cave and being chased by pirates.  After the stories were finished then they were able to give themselves a scuba mask and snorkel.

IMG_7806Mrs. Earle has been keeping the kids busy with word work.  She has been having them work on vowel clusters.  She’s had them sorting words and shared some stories with the vowel clusters.  Today the students broke up into pairs and needed to locate vowel clusters and then categorize them in their composition notebooks.  Students had to double check for accuracy because even though some of the words contained the vowel clusters, they didn’t always make the sound they had been working on.  It was very exciting to hear shouts of, “WE FOUND IT!!!!!” after they were looking intensely for their word chunks.

We’ve been impressed with how hard the students have been working and how engaged they’ve been with all the activities we’ve been asking them to do.  We’re excited for week #2 on Monday!