IMG_7837We can’t believe it, but we’re already 2/3rds of the way through summer school!!  All 3 of us teachers have been impressed with how hard the kiddos have been working and how engaged they are when working with each of us.  We’ve been seeing a lot of good skills, strategies, and ideas coming out.

IMG_7836This week students learned how making a list can help us as writers.  We made a list of things that make summer great.  Students filled their practice page with things that had done over the summer–from visiting family members to taking vacations, going to the pool, spending time with friends, and staying up late/sleeping in late.  It was a challenging transition for the students to NOT write their ideas in full sentences.  It was foreign to just jot down “waterpark” instead of “I went to the waterpark”.   We talked about how this was just the idea stage and didn’t need to be in complete sentences yet.

From there students had to pick several of the things from their list.  This was where they were able to start turning their ideas into complete sentences.  Students needed to write an opening sentence to allow readers to know what they were going to be talking about.

Students had a writing conference with me after they had finished their rough draft and we were able to expand upon ideas and fix up spelling and grammatical errors.  Students were then able to make a final copy and design their heading picture.  I was impressed with the variety of ideas they came up with.

IMG_7834The almost 3rd graders have enjoyed their time with Mrs. Earle and Ms. Alfrey as well.  Mrs. Earle has continued to work on Word Work.  Students have continued to use different literature to help them locate new letter clusters.  They’ve been putting them into unique sentences as well.  Mrs. Earle has been giving students a generic sentence (I.E.–I went to the park) and then students had to add in new vocabulary words to make it more exciting.  Instead of went, students had to incorporate other words.  Most of the students use this sentence as their sharing since they were so proud of the way they made their sentence “better than Mrs. Earle’s.”

Ms. Alfrey has continued to have guided reading groups (also called Guided Reading Plus) where she has been able to monitor student’s oral accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and decoding skills.  The kids have had to read their group book during their independent study time as well.  Students have enjoyed having an individual reading conference with Ms. Alfrey as they work through the book on their own.  Group discussions have really expanded on their comprehension, which is something most of the students had struggled with during the school year.

As we go into our final week of summer school we hope to give the students this final boost so they can spring into 3rd grade and be as successful as possible.  Continue to check back to see what else we’re working on during the week.