IMG_7904 - CopyWe’re midway through our 3rd and final week of summer school for our nearly 3rd graders.

IMG_7904 - Copy (2)Our latest writing project was a letter to our new 3rd grader teachers from each student.  Students were asked to utilize their practice page by planning out their letter.  They needed to come up with:

  • 4 things they want or hope they learn this upcoming school year
  • 2 things they are excited about for the upcoming year
  • 2 things they are nervous or worried about in 3rd grade
  • 1 thing they hope they don’t have to learn about and a rationale for not wanting to learn about it

We went out the proper parts of a letter–date, greeting, body, closing, and also using an indent for a new paragraph.

Students have still been struggling with not needing full/complete sentences on the planning page.  We’re still working on jotting down notes to help with the planning process so we aren’t spending so much time on the planning portion of the letter.

IMG_7904It was neat to see what students were writing down.  I have known most of these students since they were in Kindergarten and it was neat to see the stuff that didn’t surprise me and then also gave me a glimpse into the students even better to learn more details about what makes them nervous and what really interests them.

It’s been fun watching students grow over these last 3 weeks.  I looked up in awe today to see students so engaged in books.  I enjoyed having students rush up to my writing table to share portions of their book with me.  Their thirst for knowledge is incredible and I want to encourage and quench this thirst.

We’ve lost a few kiddos due to moving to another school, but our fire for learning hasn’t diminished at all.  We have a few more fun things planned out for the rest of the week so make sure you check back to see how we ended our 3 great weeks of summer learning.