IMG_7957Well summer school came to an end! 😦  I don’t know about you, but I’m sad to see all my 2nd graders move on to 3rd grade because we had such a great 3 weeks!

IMG_7956The way our writing worked was each student was able to work at their own pace so only a couple of the kiddos got to our last writing project, which was What’s Your Superpower?  They had to develop their own super hero.  On their planning page they needed to come up with a list of powers and what their super hero would look like.  Together we wrote down the mapping of how the battle would happen between their super hero and some kind of villain.  After they wrote their story they were able to turn themselves into the super hero they had created, which they LOVED!

We had to give the students end of session benchmark reading tests to see how the students improved over the 3 weeks at summer school.  We were SO excited to see the students move between 1-4 reading levels!!!!  WOW!!!!  The kiddos have worked extremely hard these last 3 weeks and it was encouraging to us and to the kids to see that hard work pay off.

While we were giving the students their test, they were able to create their own Lorax out of a Nutterbutter cookie, smarties, and frosting.  They had to use their practice page to plan out their story and then needed to write about what the Lorax would save next.  (Since in the actual story of the Lorax he helps promote saving trees/the environment)  The stories were fun, but I think they had more fun creating their Lorax creatures.

IMG_7931IMG_7927IMG_7930I guess I only got pictures of 2 of the kids making their Lorax creatures–the other students were testing while I took pictures of the kids.

One thing I forgot to share earlier in the week was the Interactive Writing stories that the students created as a group.  If you aren’t familiar with Interactive Writing, it’s where students read a story or poem (in this case we read a variety of poems to work on fluency) and then the students generate a group message either from the poem/story or just a message they all agree on.  TypIMG_7833ically I encourage the group message to be in connection with the related story or poem.  From there we are able to work on unknown/new words and word patterns.  Words students know how to write, they put on the group paper, while the rest of the students practice that word on their white boards.  Words students don’t know how to write I write on the group paper.

Lastly, Daniel’s mom surprised us with a very, very special treat!!  Daniel’s mom runs a bakery out of her own home–making cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries.  (We have such talented students AND parents in our school!!!)  She sent a box of her strawberry cupcakes to share with all of us on our last day.  They were DELICIOUS!!  She did give us a business card so if you are interested in ordering anything from her, send me an email or IMG_7924check in with me at school and I will pass along her information.  She’s very talented!  Many thanks for the extra special treat at the end of the day for us.  Daniel was SO proud of his mom’s cupcakes.  He carried the box around for a good portion of the morning making sure they were safe.  It took a lot of convincing on my behalf (and the other teachers) to get him to let me keep the box in a safe spot so he could focus on his school work.

Thank you again to ALL of you who were involved in summer school this year!  We had a very successful time.  This was my first year teaching summer school and I had no idea what to expect.  Everyone exceeded my expectations–from working with the bus garage to food services and families and my AMAZING TEACHERS!!!   A very huge thank you to Nicole Earle and Jenny Alfrey for agreeing to teach with me this summer and making our 2nd graders ready and successful for the 3rd grade year!

I have hung up our work outside of my office in the 2nd grade wing upstairs.  Please come take a look at the work the students did when you come to Lowell’s Back To School Night TOMORROW Wednesday, August 21st from 4-6.  I’m going to leave the work up for a couple of weeks and then will be sending it home with all the kids.  We can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow!