photo4th grade started reading Invisible Stanley by Jeff Brown this week and this is the first chapter book for them.  This is an exciting new venture as instead of having a Guided Reading Plus group they have moved to a Comprehension Focus Group.  This is exciting as they aren’t needing as many foundation skills as they were needing previously.  They are approaching proficiency and need some extra work in comprehension and fluency to really take their reading to the next level.

IMG_5485Day 1 we did some work work and I read the prologue as the students wrote predictions in their composition notebooks.  Then I had them each ready chapters 1 and 2 individually.  This became a time where I could sit down with each student individually, listen to them read orally, and then conference with them.  What a great opportunity for me to listen and talk about the story with students.  I have missed this!!  After everyone finished reading, we got back together for a conversation about the book.   This does not come naturally for most students.  It’s uncomfortable and awkward, so dialogue was rather scarce.  This will be a goal of ours to really be thinking about the book, what is the author saying to you, and then being able to speak your opinion, which may or may not be what someone else in the group believes.

photo (3)Day 2 we got back together and I did oral accuracy checks on the kiddos.  While I did this, they were rereading chapters 1 and 2 silently and then summarizing the chapters in their comp notebooks.  We regrouped and started a graphic organizer together.  They paired up and worked on the who, what, when, where component and then went out to work on event #1 together.  They got 5 minutes for both categories and then we came back as a whole group and put our answers collaboratively on the master graphic organizer.

photo (2)Working together was also a bit of a struggle–not because they couldn’t handle it, but because I don’t think they are used to working together collaboratively.  It was very quiet as they worked and I had to encourage them to talk to their partner about what each of them was thinking and how they could take both of their ideas and put it into one.  This, too, will be something we work on.  Teamwork makes the dream work!!

We’ll continue our way through the next 5 chapters over these next couple of weeks and will get a chance for more dialogue and more collaboration with a partner.  Stay tuned!