IMG_8198My 3rd graders are such a joy this year (not that my other kids aren’t) and greet everything we do with such enthusiasm.  They are some of the hardest workers I’ve seen and we have been packing in a ton every 30 minute session.   We’ve been learning so much and having so much fun while we’re learning that one of the 3rd graders said, “I hate Wednesdays because we don’t have group with you!” (Wednesdays are early out so my schedule doesn’t allow me to see my group kiddos)  What a great compliment and a testament to the learning they are taking on.  I love that enthusiasm.  Ok, enough bragging about how awesome my kids are.

This week we read a book called All About Redwood Trees.  (If you are a follower of my blog then you surely know by now how much I love the All About series)  The kids were blown away by the mere size of the redwood trees and other new facts.

IMG_8201I only have 3 kids in this group, which is my smallest group of the day.  It’s really nice because we have plenty of room to spread out and I really get the chance to sit down with the kids and conference with them longer.  They are so excited when we read that we had such great dialogue and question asking regarding this book.

After the kids finished reading, they were asked to make an informational brochure about the information they read.  They needed to come up with 4 facts; one fact per page and a quick illustration to go with it.

This was an opportunity for the kids to practice picking out what was the most important part that they read and also taking what the author wrote and putting it into your own words.

IMG_8211We finished with a few minutes to spare and the 3rd graders had been begging to play an iPad game.  This actually ended up being a perfect time since we did finish early.  I have to share with you a REALLY good iPad game from Lakeshore Learning.  It was free and it’s called Tic Tac Toe Phonics.

We split up into 2 teams: boys vs. girls.  Wow!  It was fun.  The app is just like regular tic tac toe except you have to answer a phonic question before you can put your X or O down.  You pick where you want to play and answer the question.  If you are right you get to put your letter down, if you are wrong then the play goes back to the other person/team.  There were questions about word parts (blends/digraphs), vowelIMG_8212 sounds, syllables, and rhyming.  I thought it would be super easy for the kids, but it wasn’t.  It gave me a lot of great insight as to things we still need to work on.

The boys ended up defeating us 2 games to 0.  The girls will need to rally for the “W” next time we have the opportunity to play.