IMG_82503rd grade read Road Builders these last couple of days, which is all about the process of building a road from cutting down trees all the way to paving and painting the lines.  There were more steps in the process of building a road than they thought.  (17 steps to be accurate)

IMG_8251After we read through the story then they were asked to complete a Step-by-step procedural graphic organizer from Interventions That Work by Linda Dorn.  They were allowed to use their book to guide them through the steps. 

From there students were asked to make a practical application and make a “How to” on something they knew how to do.  I modeled this for students by making a graphic organizer of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Some of the kids got bogged down that on a graphic organizer you don’t necessarily have to write in complete sentences because it’s just the planning portion/phase of writing.  This is just how we organize our thoughts to prepare for writing something.  I gave an example of how when I’m writing my shopping list I don’t write in complete sentences.  I just jot down notes/key words of what I need or if I’m running errands then I might jot down places, things I need to do/go, what I need, etc.  This helped put things into perspective and kept us moving again.