IMG_82645th grade has been reading Miss Daisy is Crazy which is a part of the Weird School series.  In the book Miss Daisy pretends not to know how to do math, read, or write under the guise that “she hates school” and would rather be eating chocolates so IMG_8260she can “trick” the students into showing her math problems, reading stories, and writing words.  The children claim to hate school, but they all love showing her how much they know.  The students are convinced that if their principal finds out that their teacher doesn’t know anything, he’ll fire Miss Daisy and hire someone who actually makes them work.

IMG_82625th graders had to decide whether or not they thought Miss Daisy was pretending to not know anything or if she truly didn’t know how to do any of those things.  They had to pick their side and then re-read chapters 3 and 4 to locate a minimum of 2 pieces of evidence to support their claim.  I was able to go around to each student and help them locate their evidence on the Kindle and put it into a sentence.

IMG_8261After they had made their list with the page numbers to support their evidence it became time to put Miss Daisy on a trial by a jury of her peers.  Each student had to come up and read their supporting statement on whether Miss Daisy was innocent or guilty of IMG_8263pretending to not know anything to trick students into doing work.  They wanted me to read my statement first so I started out the trial by announcing I found her guilty.  One of the students wanted to be the judge so after each “verdict” he hit his fist on the desk and shouted, “GUILTY!”

One by one each student came up and read their statement.  Each student found her to be guilty and was able to support their claim with evidence from the book.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that each student took something different from the book.  After we had officially declared Miss Daisy guilty, each student had to prepare an “official statement” where they had to take their 2 pieces of evidence and put them into a small paragraph (photo at the very top) and hung them in the hallway.

Today was one of the most fun days I’ve had.  Students were very engaged and worked really hard.  We had a great discussion on the book and we are really digging deep.