IMG_8392I don’t want to say I tricked my 4th graders, but OK, I tricked my 4th graders.  My 4th graders hate making predictions.  Whenever I ask them to make a prediction I get grumbles and groans galore.  Predicting is important part of the reading process as students need to take in all that they’ve read and learned from the story so far and make reasonable guesses based on inferring what will happen next.  Predicting hits on so many important reading skills students need to have.

So I had to get creative with my 4th graders.  How could I get them to make a prediction without calling it a prediction?  I gave them a “magic ball” to look into the future and see what would happen with Franny.

Well that was quite the game changer because they all got so excited and started talking with each other about what they thought would happen while supporting their predictions with evidence from what they’ve already read in the book.

They took 5 minutes to write out their predictions and draw a quick picture to go with it and then we shared them with the group.  I was impressed with how well thought out all the predictions were and they all made complete sense.  I could see any of the things they predicted being correct.

When I told them they all made excellent predictions one of the 4th graders said, “We made a prediction?  I thought we were just looking into the future to see what would happen.”  I got the response of, “You tricked us, Miss Acuff!!!!” when I told them looking into the future was the same thing as making a prediction since we can’t really look into the future.  They are all reasonable guesses based on the learning we already have.