oreo poster5th grade is almost finished with their book Miss Daisy is Crazy and we’ve had fun looking for evidence in the work that we’ve done and present to the group.  Recently we read about how students wanted to buy the school from the principal.  They were going to have to convince the principal to let them buy the school so they could turn it into a game arcade.

I present the students with an OREO graphic organizer, which stands for opinion, reason, evidence, opinion.  Students had to decide whether they thought they should or shouldn’t be able to buy the school from the principal.

I first modeled to students how to fill out the graphic organizer and then helped student make their own graphic organizer with supporting details and evidence from the book.

The following day I modeled writing a rough draft and how using my graphic organizer could guide me in my writing.  I then was able to conference with each student as he/she wrote during the rough draft stage.

IMG_8543I enjoyed listening to the reasoning each student had when we shared our stories at the very end.  Each student thought of different reasons they thought they should buy the school.

This week we will finish the book and next week start something different.  They are wanting to read real ghost stories, but I think it might just be too scary for Miss Acuff. 🙂  Check back in with us again soon!