IMG_9291Our items from our Donors Choose project Breathe Life Into Our Supplies arrived.  We were ANXIOUSLY awaiting our items.  Our project was funded right before Thanksgiving, but DC puts a hold on items the week before Thanksgiving until after Christmas break so items don’t get lost during breaks.  We didn’t get our items until about 2 months later, but it was a nice gift to receive after the holidays.

A very special thank you to the following donors:

  • Erin Rosburg
  • Lynn Booth
  • Katie Corker
  • Celebrate Schools matching donations
  • Arianne, Peter, Ella, and Jackson from Washington DC

IMG_9557The kids are LOVING the white board table dots.  We are using them for EVERYTHING.  We take notes on them, do word work on them and it’s been a nice “boundary” for students as the boards don’t move around so they don’t slide over into their neighbor’s space.  Students have been excited for new white board markers that have erasers on them.  I no longer hear, “Ms. Acuff, my marker doesn’t work.” (Which I greatly appreciate as well!)

The new book bags have been a big hit and I’ve been able to send more books back with the kids as they have backs to actually keep the bags protected.

Also, I am LOVING the dry erase pockets.  Several of my colleagues have gotten the pockets since they’ve been how we’ve been using them.  My Kdg kiddos are using it as ways to practice letter formation and work on spelling their names correctly.  My 1st and 2nd graders are using them as a writing checklist to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything in their writing.  It’s nice for me to be able to slip new papers in and out as needed without wasting paper or having to laminate everything.