IMG_9618My 1st and 2nd graders who are reading at the same level have been working on a book about Sled Dogs.  This happens to be one of my very favorite stories to share with my students because my mom, sister, and step-dad live in Alaska near Anchorage so this is familiar content to me.

We started out by watching a short video on being a musher, or a sled-dog driver.  We got to see the musher and dogs in motion.

From there we located within the book the things sled dogs need to be successful, what commands sled dogs need to learn, and why being the leader of the sled dogs is the most important job for the dogs.  Students did a great job of locating the information in their book and then transferring the information to our group anchor chart.

After we did all of our research we then created a group message on what commands dogs need to know, what they need to be successful, and why the leader is important.  Once we finished our group message then students had to create their own message using the information from the anchor chart and following the format we did as a group.

I was able to conference with each student before they wrote a final copy.