IMG_0263One of my 2nd grade groups has been studying Redwood Trees.  When we started reading the book All About Redwood Trees the students were surprised to see that they were so big that there was a car driving through the middle of a carved out tree.  We looked it up on YouTube and even got to see a car drive through the tree.  We saw that the tree was 21 feet wide.  They had a difficult time realizing exactly what was 21 feet so we pulled out Ms. Acuff’s tape measurer and  we started measuring out 21 feet in 4 feet increments.  I had one student stay in our starting place while the other students moved with tape measurer.  Once we hit 21 feet I had them turn towards each other.  It was a pretty exciting moment.  The picture above is after we measured 21 feet.  This put into perspective just exactly how big a Redwood tree is.

IMG_1287We also learned Redwood Tree bark is about 10-12 inches thick. (We used the tape measurer again because this again was a shocking fact.)  We compared Redwood tree bark to regular tree bark we might find in our yard.

While students were reading they needed to locate information about the size of the trees, where they grow, and what makes them grow so successfully since they can be 2,000+ years old!

We created an anchor chart based off the information they found in their book and then students were able to write about these things in their response journals.