This week Lowell kicks off our Iowa Assessments testing.

If you are a teacher here is a link to creative assessment treats, posters, strategies, etc. you can use with your students.  I am supervising/helping with test directions in a 5th grade classroom this week and I will be making the Smarty Pants (Smarties candies), Blow This Test Away (Blow pops), and Kiss those test jitters away (Hershey Kisses) for the classroom I am in tonight so they are ready for the kiddos tomorrow. Link:

If you are a parent with students taking the Iowa Assessments just remember to:

  • have your child get to bed early each night as a good night’s rest is super important.
  • If your child isn’t eating at school in the morning make sure your child has a nice big breakfast to get their body/brain jumpstarted.
  • Also, make sure your child gets to school ON TIME!!!  Testing is from 9-10:30 Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We won’t allow students into the classroom after 9am so there are no disruptions during the testing.  Students will need to wait in the office until testing is finish.
  • Use positive language with your child: “I know you are going to rock that test!” “I believe in you.” “You are able to work so make sure you try your best on the test so we all can see all your hard work.”  “Don’t be nervous.  Just try your best with each question.”