IMG_0271Today was my last day working with my Kindergarten group and I am so sad!  Just look at these adorable faces.  I will truly miss working with them.  I have really enjoyed watching them grow from not even being able  to point word by IMG_1624word to being able to produce several sounds in writing words.

Within the classrooms my kiddos have been working on a farm unit so we’ve been reading and writing about farm animals.  This last couple of weeks we’ve been working on sheep.

I read some mentor texts about sheep and our group poem was Mary Had a Little Lamb.  We had lots of practice with 1:1 matching to make sure it’s solid before the end of the school year.

After we read our mentor texts and our group poem we created our own group story.  Each student gets to contribute a sentence to the story and then they really enjoy when they get to put a word they know how to write on the group story.

IMG_1625Once our group story is finished they each get to pick a sentence from the story they want to cut apart and put back together.  Typically they choose their own sentence.  I’ve noticed they are MUCH faster and need significantly less support putting the sentence back together than when we first did it.

Lastly they were given sheep by me to color/decorate.  After they had finished creating their sheep then they had to write a descriptive sentence about it.  We’ve really been working on saying words slowly and writing the sounds we hear.  I am seeing A LOT more sounds being written down on the paper and the kiddos know most of their ABC’s which is really helping.

After they finished their own sheep story then they meet with me and I check all the sounds they got correct in their story and then I write how “it looks in a book” so they can see how the words look in comparison to just sounds.

These last 3 months have been A LOT of hard work and I’m really proud of the growth each of my kiddos have made!