IMG_1962We are full swing in end of year testing with our kiddos currently.  This can be a really stressful time for our kiddos who have worked REALLY hard all year long and have made so much growth.  It can get easy to focus so much on a number, when we, as teachers, parents, teacher colleagues know there is so much more.

It’s hard to have to tell students they didn’t “beat the timer” for fluency so we have to move to a lower level–especially when these students can accurately read on grade level.  Fluency continues to be an area of focus I work on with many of my students.  It unfortunately holds several students back from technically being considered on grade level.

Some students go into the testing portions of the year already feeling defeated.  I’m blogging today to get your thoughts:

  1. What do you do to help your students go in without the defeated mentality?
  2. What are some possible special accommodations that you utilize with your students during testing times to get them motivated or keep them motivated?

While at one of my CIM (Comprehensive Intervention Model) OPD (On-going Professional Development) (Have I used enough acronyms for you today? Ha!) the Special Needs CIM Coach brought up the idea of taking pictures of the books and having the child be able to read the book from the iPad.  This had never occurred to me as being something I could do.  For one of my students, he really doesn’t want to do the tests.  Despite whatever way I spin it, it just isn’t his forte.  I checked in on him several days with him begging not to go before I suggested to his teacher that we put his books on the iPad.

This seemed to be the trick.  While this isn’t appropriate for all of our students, it’s nice when we can make special accommodations for students to help with incentives and motivation.  I was blown away by how considerably better the reading was on the iPad (for the same exact books mind you) than in December when we had tested previously.

So what are some accommodations you use to help your students during these last few weeks?  It can be a rough time on ALL of us as we are anxious to be outside, some students are anxious to not be at school with the structure, etc.  Let’s all hang in there together!