IMG_2292Yesterday marked the last day of school at Lowell.  I can’t believe my 5th year is in the books.  I still feel so new to the game, yet I feel like I’ve been teaching for a lifetime.  I love being a teacher and I love helping kids achieve greatness.  Back in April our kiddos took the Iowa Assessments and I got to be in Mrs. Ryan’s room to help with testing/supervision.  I promised the kids that if they met all 4 goals they could water balloon me at the end of the school year.  Mrs. Ryan said she would go in on that deal with me, too.  Well, yesterday we made good on our deal with the kids.  3 of Mrs. Ryan’s kis met all 4 goals and got to throw water balloons at us.  They soaked us!!

IMG_2288So this is my last post for the 2013-2014 school year.  I am taking the whole summer off to spend with my son and visit family in Alaska.  Thank you for reading my blog, posting wonderful comments, and being supportive.  I’ve learned SO much this year and look forward to my 6th year back at Lowell.  This year has been very difficult for me and I thank each of you who have provided support in some way.  You make me a better person and a better teacher.  I look forward to 2 months off with family to recharge and come back a better Ms. Acuff and ready for the challenges of 2014-2015.