IMG_0006One of my 2nd grade groups has been working on comparing and contrasting two animals.  We started out by me reading our mentor text, IMG_0007Animals with Wings, and together we compared and contrasted using a Venn Diagram, 2 animals from the books.

As I read the kids took notes on the 4 animals from the book on characteristics of each animal.  After we were finished the kids helped me transfer the notes we took into the diagram and deciding if it was unique to that animal or something in common with the other animal.

This prepared them for reading All About Bugs, taking notes on the bugs in the book, and then picking 2 bugs to compare and contrast on their own Venn Diagram.

I had initially planned on each child making their own Venn Diagram, but they were so convincing to be allowed to work in pairs and since Lowell is a PCL school and collaborative learning is vital how could I resist?  So they got together and took notes together on 2 bugs from the book.  I was really impressed with how well they worked together deciding which information was important and delegating who was going to add which parts to their charts.  Who knew?  They were better at deciding this part of their learning that  I could have tried to get out of them.  The partner work was a glowing success.

I was fascinated by what they chose was important and pulling out details from the pictures.  They were actively flipping back and forth between the 2 bugs in the book and really analyzing to make sure they had all the information they needed for both bugs.