IMG_5130We just had ANOTHER Donor’s Choose project get funded and I wanted to say THANK YOU!  I know several of my readers on here have contributed to the MANY projects we have done and I have to say thank you.  US Cellular’s Calling All Teachers finished the rest of our iPad mini which arrived last week and we have already been able to use the iPads more now that we have 2.  The kiddos are able to use them in pairs to help themselves with some of the word work in group.

I want to do digital writing (based off of Troy Hick’s book Creating Digital Writing: Composing Texts across Media and Genres) and we are looking to add another iPad.  If you want to donate we would LOVE any extra support we could get.  You can find our project here:  and until 10/18/14 if you enter code SPARK you can double your donation for us.

Thank you for supporting my school.  Lowell has the HIGHEST dollar amount donated in the entire school district and that’s thanks to many generous donors.

In the last year here is what you have helped Ms. Acuff’s class get…

  • ipad mini $566.00
  • mobile writing $259.00
  • supplies $165.00
  • laptop $407.00
  • furniture $205.00
  • ipad $805.00
  • 5 Kindles $603.00

For a grand total of: $3,010.00 worth of materials to enhance our learning.  THANK YOU!