IMG_5066I’m sorry I haven’t been as good about posting.  My daily is so crazy busy that I barely have any time anymore!  I have been getting SO many comments from all of you and I’ve been trying to email you back as soon as I am able to.  THANK YOU for the positive messages and feedback.  It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

IMG_5839So my 3rd graders were working on a book All About the Sonoran Desert (and just let me say, if you are looking for good books the All About…series is a great series!)

I brought in a cactus from home for the students to analyze.  I wanted them to initially analyze and ‘quick write’ how they thought this cactus survived in the desert and how it protected itself from other animals in the desert.  They really enjoyed getting close to it, touching it, and sticking their pencils in between the spines.

We watched a short video on how plants and animals survive in the desert in different ways.  From there we read All About the Sonoran Desert and divided the book into 2 sections: how animals survive and how plants survive.  The kids needed to find ways in each section that animals and plants survive.  We made an anchor chart to separate our findings.

After we had charted our information we took the post it notes and wrote an informative paper telling the reader 2 ways each plants and animals survive differently in the Sonoran Desert.