IMG_0011IMG_6254Can I just brag about my fantastic students for a few minutes?  We started out a lesson with me reading a couple of fables (How Lizard Lost His Colors by Sara Shapiro and Anansi Spider’s Thin Legs retold by Vanessa York) and then I had the students read How Bear Lost His Tail retold by Hannah Bok.  After a few days of reading I had them sit down for quite the conundrum.  I told them a fable I had created (How Rabbit Got His Long Ears), which went on to say rabbit liked to spy on his friends and one day while he was spying his ears got caught in the door of his friend’s house.  When he tried to get away as they were coming to the door he was stuck and he stretched out his ears.  Now he has long ears and has to walk around with the embarrassment, but he never spied on his friends again.

The kids loved my fable and from there I had them think of ideas they could use to make their own fables.  Once they started coming  up with ideas they just flowed out.  We quickly came up with an entire white board of ideas and I had to stop them.

IMG_6256Each 3rd grader picked one of the fable ideas and created a graphic organizer with how their animal got or lost something in the middle and bubbles branching off of it with 1. what did they like to do, 2. what happened when they did the thing they liked/wanted to do, 3. how did they end up in the story

After they finished their graphic organizer then they wrote their fable.  I was able to conference with the kids, work on adding more details, and work on spelling.  From there they were able to make their own book and add pictures to it.  We highlighted the story in 2 different colors where students decided their work needed a page turn just like an author would need to decide.

So this brings me to the point where I brag about my kids.  Here are the stories they came up with:

IMG_6253How Piranha Got His Sharp Teeth by O.M.L.

Long ago, piranha was hungry, but he couldn’t find a whale.  He loved meat, but he fell asleep.  The next day piranha woke up to a whale noise, but it was a boat.  He loved the meat and is a fast swimmer.  He bit the boat and broke his teeth…and, and, and, and he had sharp teeeeeeeeth.  He sees a fish and bites it.  The fish was dead and now he has dinner.  This is how piranha got his sharp teeth.

How Guinea Pig Lost His Tail by T.D.

Once there was a guinea pig.  He had a long tail.  He was jumping over gates.  The last time he jumped his tail got stuck.  Then he ran out of it and it broke off.  The other animals didn’t like him so he got mad.  He never played again.  He was just waiting for his tail to grow.  He got a shorter tail and waited for it to grow out but it didn’t work.

IMG_6252How Monkey Got His Long Tail by S.P.

One day there was a monkey that liked to swing on tree branches.  He likes to sneak up on other animals and make funny stuff.  One day while he is in the tree he says to the elephant that there was a big giant that wanted to eat them.  He then said, “Haha!  You fell for it.  You are scared of the giant!”  The elephant said, “Stop tricking me otherwise I am going to get some food and dump it on you.”  Monkey said, “If you do I will trick you again.”  Then he slipped and fell and his tail got stuck in the branches.  Slowly his tail pulled and pulled until he fell out and on his head.  That is how monkey got his long tail.

How Bat Got His Wings by P.Y.

One day there was a bat with human arms.  He liked to play with kites.  He wanted to fly because he loved to fly.  So one day he got a kite and went to a tree and climbed to the top and jumped.  He got his arms stuck in the tree.  It stretched his arms out into wings.  That is how bats got their wings.