IMG_0015Fresh off the tail of our fables we moved into reading several versions of the same story with my 3rd graders and comparing different versions of the same story.  During our preparing phases I read Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsey Barrett George and Country Mouse-City Mouse retold by John Wallner as our mentor texts.  We compared the two books I read initially to get us prepared for comparing all 3 of the books later on.

The next day I had the kids read City Mouse and the Country Mouse retold by Amy Helfer.  They took notes on all 3 of the books of characteristics they noticed while the stories were read.

Once they were finished with all of the stories they each were given chart paper to compare all three of the stories.  We talked as a whole group about different ideas such as all three stories had 2 mice in them, but in one story they were cousins, in another they were friends, and in the last one they were strangers.  In 2 of the stories there was a problem and a solution and in the 3rd story there was no problem or solution.  It was neat to see the kids organize the stories and really dig deeper into the texts and see how 3 stories that are the same can be so drastically different.