IMG_8374Today was the day my 3rd graders have (im)patiently waiting….WE CRACKED GEODES!  (We did have a safety session IMG_8373first–don’t worry!)  We had to move our cracking to the floor as our table tapping just wasn’t cutting it.

So we cracked open our geodes and each student was able to take a half, analyze their geode, and write about what they saw.

Things I was looking for…

  • How was this different from the “geodes” we made?
  • What colors, shapes, textures do you notice?
  • What type of rock do you think this is?
  • How was this different than you expected?

Today marked our last day working with rocks and minerals.  Earlier in the week we worked in pairs to make posters about the characteristics of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks (we did igneous together) and I was so impressed at how they were digging into their books and really finding the important pieces of information.  I didn’t get a picture of their posters because I let them take them home already!  Oops–but trust me–they were awesome!

It has been an extremely fun two weeks doing experiments and reading about rocks and minerals.  Next week we’ll be making ice cream and learning about procedural steps and reading a book about From Milk to Ice Cream!  Check back in with us.