IMG_0368My 2nd graders just finished reading Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh, which showcased all the unusual sea creatures in our oceans.  I started out with a mentor text by Lisa Herndon called Deep Ocean Creatures which talked about many (and more) of the creatures in the books the kiddos read about.

We went over the different “abilities” the creatures have or use to help keep them alive such as bioluminescence.  This became one of our favorite words.  We were able to watch some YouTube videos on some of these creatures in action–such as the Anglerfish, Puffer fish, Dumbo Octopus, Vampire Squid, and more. It was fun (even for me!) to see these animals in action.

After we read about the different creatures the kids picked 2 creatures each from the book to write about.  They had to draw a picture of their animal and then write about their special “ability” that helps them survive.  This was a really fun book to get through and the kids were really engaged.