IMG_0369I love fractured fairy tales and I love whenever I get the opportunity to use them in my teaching.  This past week with my 3rd graders we had the opportunity to do some more extensive work with fractured fairy tales.  The kids were going to read A Surprise for the Big Bad Wolf, which is a fractured fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs.  I set the kids up for how the story would twist by introducing some other Three Little Pig fractured fairy tales.  I read to them Three Samurai Cats by Eric Kimmel, which was a pretty far stretch of The Three Little Pigs, but we made it work, A Wolf at the Door by Nick Ward, Wolf’s Coming by Joe Kulka, and The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz.

We had a lot of fun reading the different fractured fairy tales and talking about how they were different from the original and how they maintained some of the same characteristics of the original.

The kids got to read their own fractured fairy tale and then discussed it as a group.  We talked about our favorite versions and what made them our favorites.  Together we wrote about that version on how it was different from the original.  I typed it up and glued it to our poster.

Each of the 3rd graders was in charge of a specific book, which worked out because they each had a different favorite.  They had to write about how the book they chose was different from the original Three Little Pigs.  They did a great job and we had a lot of fun laughing about the stories.