IMG_8821Did you think I forgot about all of you?  I’ve been so busy lately with spring break, Iowa Assessments, Reading Recovery exit and entry tests, and we had a benefit at our school for our secretary, Ms. Welsh, that I just haven’t gotten to my blog.  Don’t worry–I’ve been taking pics along the way.

My first graders recently read The Birthday Song and it talks about feeling important.  I started out the lesson by reading The Important Book, which they loved.

We had had some drama in the group with being nice to each other so I made a poster with each child’s name and we wrote nice things about each person in the group.  We would write for 3 minutes and then switch and write on someone else’s paper.  At the end we hung up the pictures and shared them with the group.  Each of the kiddos beamed from ear to ear, and I have to say it made me feel really good as well to see the things they wrote about me.

After we did our mini posters, the kids wrote about things that make them feel special–going somewhere with someone you care about, spending time with a friend or family member, or maybe something that happens at school.  It was a good community building exercise for our group and has since then made the group much stronger.