IMG_0079IMG_0083A couple of weeks ago my 1st graders read about sea turtles and the life cycle of sea turtles.  I was able to read them a couple of books on sea turtles and we watched 2 short videos of a sea turtle laying her eggs and then covering the hole along with a video of the sea turtles hatching, crawling out of the sand, and making their way to the ocean.  It was really exciting to watch.

After we read the books together and students read their own book, together we made a procedural list of what happens in the process of laying an egg.  I typically have this be more of an independent writing process with my 2nd and 3rd graders, but this was a group guided writing as this was a lot for them to do on their own.

From there they took their journal writing and were able to put it on chart paper.  It was so adorable seeing them read back through their journals to make sure they got things in the correct order.

They were also able to draw pictures to go with their writing and let’s face it, little kid IMG_0082drawings are just the best!

They were able to take their notes and charts home and share them with their family.  It was fun to hear how they shared the information at dinner time.  They learned so much about turtles and loved sharing what they knew with people close to them.