IMG_0096I have to give a big shout-out to a book our Kindergarten team used they found on Teachers Pay Teachers from Ashley Watson called Forest Friends Go To School.  If you are a teacher then you have at some point had at least one book destroyed at home by one of your kiddos.  It’s frustrating and expensive and the kids always feel bad, but at the end of the day, it still is one more book you need to replace.

I used this book with my Reading Recovery kids before I sent a bag of books home with the kids.  The book goes over different “bad scenarios” of things that happen to the book–coloring on the pages, stickers on the pages, dirt/mud on the pages, juice and chocolate on the pages, ripped pages, and pencil on the pages.  And then has the kids think about how we should take care of books while they are using them.

My 1st graders were really upset that this book was ruined (BONUS: you get to be the one to ruin the book.  Mwahaha!) and came up with a lot of good ideas on how to care for the books.

Do I think I won’t have anymore lost or destroyed books?  No, I’m not naïve, but I certainly hope this book comes to mind of the kiddos when they go to read my books at home and take a little better care of them.

You can get the book for only $3.00 from Ashley!  Go buy it, it’s definitely worth the $3.00 plus you are supporting another teacher.