IMG_0107My 3rd graders have not been too enthusiastic about writing lately and I decided one fun way to write is to do stop light paragraphs.  I have done this is the past with 3rd graders, who seem to be the age group that get the most Picture 50burned out from writing, and it’s always been a favorite and memorable activity.

In the past I’ve had students use a graphic organizer, but this year I had the students help me with a group message using the chosen animal of rats!  They were just so anxious to get going, I sent them on their way after our group message.

In their journals they wrote in green, orange, and red to symbolize what sentence they were on.  I went around with black pen to help while we conferred.

They were able to then write their final sentences on sentence strips after we had writing conferences.  We had read Animals With Wings and they each had to choose an animal from the book to write about.

They did a really great job and it wasn’t even like pulling teeth to get them to write! 🙂 Hmmm…maybe I’m onto something!